How do the treatments go? What to expect from the treaments.

I have a background in posturology, acupuncture and myoreflex therapy. Through these perspectives I observe your body, and this is compaired to your experience of the functioning of your body. From there on, we evaluate which treatment will be best for you. Your treatments are always adapted to you and therefore no treatments are the same. For example, I do not always use needles. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with having needles then I can always use acupressure and other alternatives.

I see the treatments as a collaboration between us, where we work together to get your body back in balance. This is best achieved when you are comfortable.


Here’s how the treatment goes:

When you get to the treatment room, you have to undress, but keep your underwear on. You get a sheet to cover yourself with. You must be prepared that it is not a wellness massage and that it can hurt a bit.

During the course of the treatment I will ask how much it hurts on a pain scale of 1-10 and here it is important that you tell me if it hurts more than  7-8, as it can otherwise cause tension elsewhere in your body or make your pain worse afterwards.

Pain is very individual, and it is very different how much it takes before each client thinks it hurts. It shouldn’t hurt so badly that you can’t stand it, just tender but not uncomfortable and it’s only you who can sense where the boundaries are.


First treatment takes approx. 1 hour as we must have clarified your ailments and what you expect from the treatments. Normal treatment sessions is 45 min.

Over time, I have experienced that many patients are emotionally affected during and after the treatments. Things may come up that you have hidden far away (emotional release), that you don’t want to share with others.

Therefore, I recommend that you come to the treatments alone. Of course, I have a duty of confidentiality.


The days after the treatments

Remember to relax in the days after the treatment so that your body gets the best healing conditions. It is also important that you drink plenty of water in the days following treatment, as your body will try to repel waste/toxins from your body through urinating. If you do not drink enough water, headaches may occur. Nausea in the days following treatment is also perfectly normal. You may also experience great soreness, both where I have treated, but also in muscles you do not think I have touched. The pain may also feel worse for a period than before you received the treatment.

There may be bruises where the needles have been seated or where I have pressed, this is not dangerous.  You may find that your mood is different than usual. For example, you may become sad, irritated or tired. This is all perfectly normal. It is very different how people react to the treatments and how quickly you get an effect. Many may notice a difference after the first treatment, while others go through multiple treatments before feeling an effect. It is an advantage that you start getting your treatments at a maximum of one-week intervals, this is to ensure the greatest effect of the treatments.

Contact me if you have any questions.

What can be treated?



-Neck pain

-Back pain

-Shoulder pain

-Knee pain

-Rib pain

-Hip pain


-Tennis elbow

-Frozen Shoulder

-Functional impairment of certain bodyparts

-Heel pain/ foot pain

-Breathing Issues






-Jaw pain