Reviews written by clients on Facebook

Dorte – Footpain

I have been having pain in both my feet and my toes for about 2 years now. The pain usually comes after a walk on the golf course or after 4 hours at work, where I walk a lot on concrete floors. When I get home from work, I have a lot of pain in my feet. One day I saw a post on Facebook about Bilal and his magic fingers. I just had to try it out, I have now received 5 treatments and am very close to being completely free of pain. But I will continue until I am completely pain free, so thanks Bilal for your magic fingers.

Rebecca – Anxiety

I thought i had tried everything. I have tried cranio-sacral, reflexology, nada, chiropractor, massage etc. To remove the miserable symptoms that accompany the anxiety, but none of the things have had a lasting effect. I was given a birthday gift for a treatment at Bilals. However, I was a little skeptical. Why should this help when everything else didn’t? But I was wrong. After just one treatment, I was able to breathe all the way down to my stomach which I haven’t been able to do since the anxiety started. My chest pains and abdominal pain have also disappeared, my body turmoil has diminished and my anxiety has subsided a lot. I can only give the warmest recommendation to Bilal, and I am eternally grateful to him.

Christina – Whiplash

Bilal deserves my best recommendations! I suffered a whiplash about 14 years ago. I eventually thought that I had tried everything I could, to get rid of or at least lessen my tension and pain in my head, neck and back. I admit that I had made many considerations and that it was with some skepticism that I booked a treatment. But after only a few treatments I have been able to notice a great improvement in my movement especially of my neck, jaw and back. The treatments also keep the pain down. Bilal has made it clear from the start that I am not healed, but that he can lessen my pain. I have now received about 9 treatments and I am so pleasantly surprised. I have finally found a treatment that can help me for a better everyday life. Bilal has a very special ability. He is incredibly talented, kind and you be taken care off in his company.

Tina –  Fibromyalgia and stiff elbow-pain.

I can clearly recommend treatments at Bilals. I have fibromyalgia and know well that Bilal can’t heal me, but he can help me with reducing my pain with myoreflex therapy. Today I have had my arms / elbows treated. I have not been able to stretch my arms fully for the last several years, but after Bilal treated me with his magic hands, I can now stretch my arms again. There is still some stiffness, but it will be better after the next treatment. Besides being a professional therapist, Bilal is also extremely comfortable and a fun person to be around. If you have pain in your body, I would suggest you to book a time as quick as possible.

Gurli – Stiff neck and neck pain

I came to Bilal with lots of tensions throughout my whole body and i had a hard time turning my head to the right. After 5 treatments I have no problems turning my head and it also helped with all my other tensions. So the very best recommendations for a very capable man.

Anni – Breathing difficulties, insomnia and chronic pain

1 … 2 … 3 … treatments I have received at Bilals so far. I don’t know how to describe the changes to you, but believe me … that man can do something – and what he can do, is GOOD! Two big things for me: 1. that before I came I couldn’t breathe properly – I had an ‘iron belt’ around my lungs, but now I can almost always breathe and it helps with my chronic pain. 2. I rarely slept much of the time at night and i was always up one or more times at night due to pain. Now I sleep at night because when I wake up I ‘just’ turn to the other side and sleep again. Am I looking forward to receiving treatments from Bilal? SO much! If you are in doubt, try Bilal anyway. Think of me – if he can help me get rid of my chronic pain, and have a “new life” – then he can probably also help you.

Heidi – knee pain

A very good therapist and effective treatments. I went to Bilal because of pain in my knee and back and after 3 treatments i already felt a big difference. Bilal is a pleasant man- i highly recommend him.

Bonnie – Pelvic pain

I had been advised to go to Bilal. It really paid off. I almost couldnt walk when i met him because i had pain in my pelvis from a broken tailbone. After the first treatment i could walk again, and after 3 treatments i could almost fly:):) he therefore has my warmest reccommendations.🥰

Pernille – Back and hip pains during pregnacy

I work daily as a bakery apprentice, on top of that i am pregnant and have 2 weeks left to my due date. Working as a bakery apprentice  is a physically demanding job, the long working hours and lifting many heavy things. So when i had 2 months left in my pregnancy i began having problems with my back and hips, i couldnt stand, sit og lay down without pain. I knew i had to do something quick if i wanted to keep working as long as i could.

Here was Bilal to my rescue.  He was absolutely fantastic throughout my sessions with him. In addition to helping with my problems, he solved other problems that at first i didnt even know existed. The midwifes i had appointments with were impressed upon the fact that i was still working and without pain. This is 100% because of Bilals treatments and i am very grateful to him.  Bilal is a very accomodating person, and i enjoy his company.

He knows very well about what hes doing, and i look forward to every treatment.

Jesper – Acute Backpains

I am a trained construction worker and am in the construction industry. It is physically demanding job. I have had back pains for the past few years. But haven’t been treated for it because I always thought it was going to go away soon enough. But unfortunately, it didn’t. Last Friday when i was at work, I felt a very sharp pain in my lower back which made me unable to walk or stand… I got an urgent time at Bilals Friday night – I crawled into his clinic because I was in so much pain… 2 hours later I walked out. Bilal is fantastic, he did not only help me to walk again, but also with the pain. I have been there again Sunday and Tuesday. After the 3 treatments I can now move around almost as I usually do and does not hurt. Big thanks to Bilal, he is skilled and understands how it feels when it hurts so much that you can hardly stand it. Sympathetic. If it was not for him, I do not know what would have done. Even if you are a man it is important to keep your back and lower back order, I have learned that the hard way. I have to go down to Bilal once in a while and loosen up. I highly recommend Bilal.

Anne Marie – Tennis elbow and shoulder arm problems

For a long time I have had tennis elbow and arm problems. I woke up one night and had to raise my arm with my other arm in order to turn over. After a few treatments, my arm is now perfectly fine. I highly recommend Bilal and I will gladly return for further sessions if needed.😍👏

Anette – Tennis elbow

I have had problems with a tennis elbow for just over a year and i have tried massage, physiotheraphy, holistic treatment, but nothing helped. 3 sessions with Bilal and i hardly feel pain on my elbow now. An extra bonus was a shoulder that has given me complications for the past 14-15 years that hardly hurts anymore. I am very excited about this kind of treatment and i highly recommend it. Bilal is very skilled and friendly and i was very comfortable with him from the first minute we met.


Mona – Frozen shoulder

Amazing treatment, I have been helped with both a frozen shoulder and osteoarthritis in my back. Bilal is a comfortable, dedicated and fantastic therapist. I have and will still refer him other people to him.


Here is an elaboration of Mona’s story:


 I am an educated ergo-therapist . One Saturday morning, I woke up and could not lift my left arm higher than my chest. I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with a frost shoulder. Since I couldn’t lift my arm higher than my chest height , I could no longer tie my hair in a ponytail as I used to. I went to the hairdresser and got my hair cut short.

A colleague introduced me to a Myoreflex Therapist named Bilal. Already after 2 treatments at Bilals I was able to lift my arm completely but it felt weak. The strength gradually came back after a few more treatments, along with my overall energy after a sick long leave from work.

I highly recommend Bilal, he has helped me a lot in less time than the doctor could. For 13 years I have also had lumbar arthritis but i have never found the right treatment against it. Another benefit of meeting Bilal has been that he could also help me with my arthritis pain as well.

Iben – knee pain

Somebody recommended that I should go to Bilal for treatments for my knee pains. After an injury due to overload, I have had knee pains for the past couple of years that neither physiotherapists, osteopaths or others I have consulted have been able to find explanation and solution to. After only 1 treatment, my pain was significantly reduced and after 3 treatments the functionality was almost normal in the knee and I again have the opportunity (painlessly) to do the exercises that can strengthen my knee again. My warm recommendations and praise to Bilal for a careful and professional treatment.

Rikke – Neck pain

I have had neck pains for several years. In 2016, I was operated for a slipped disc in my neck. The operation went well. All was well for approx. one year and then it all started again with severe neck pains and sensation disorders.

 In december 2018 I had a new slipped disc in my neck. I have gone to physiotherapists, chiropractors and masseurs. With no effect. It all looked pretty hopeless to me. I took a lot of painkillers to maintain my job and be able to spend time with my family when I got home from work. Then I heard about Bilal and booked a treatment. That’s just the best thing I’ve done. Bilal is very friendly and sympathetic. I was completely comfortable starting with him. After only 4 treatments, I no longer take painkillers. I’ve had more energy and a desire for everything in life. The neck pain is gone! Can only give my best recommendation to Bilal.

Heidi – heel pains

For almost 12 years I have been sore in my feet, so sore that for periods of time I could hardly get out of bed. Sometimes I had to crawl to the bathroom. The biggest pain was in my heel, so every step I took was painful. I Have tried many different forms of treatments: acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractor, exercises from the hospital and the doctor. I tested so many different shoes and soles that I can’t even count them anymore. Nothing could remove the pain, only relieve it for a short while. One day on Fb I saw a post about Bilal, I just had to try it. In the process there have been ups when the pain has lessened and downs when the effect of the treatment have stagnated. Now I have had 16 treatments. I am so glad I continued the treatments even after the downturns.

I am almost free of pain now.

I am so happy and grateful for the work Bilal has done. Now I can again enjoy my everyday life thankfully to Bilal.

It is always nice to come for treatments, there is always a smile on his face and he is always punctual. I can warmly recommend Bilal.


Follow-up 6 months later:

I have been having treatments at Bilals clinic for approx. 1 year now due to alot of pains in my feet. Before I started getting treatments at Bilals, I was almost about to give up on getting rid of the pain after approx. 12 years of trying.

I can now thank Bilal for being pain free, it is so wonderful to be able to do everything I couldnt before, it’s a total change of life quality. It is always nice to come to Bilal, he is always in a good mood.

I highly recommend Bilal.

Sanne – Headache, neck pain, and shoulder arm issues.

For a long time I have had different problems, for example, headaches, neck pain, stiff neck and impaired functioning of my right shoulder and arm. I have tried many different forms of therapy and training to overcome all these pains – some with good effect and others without effect. I had reached a point where I began to lose courage and worried about never being active in the same way as before the illness began to fill my consciousness. Fortunately, I saw Bilal’s Facebook page and after doing some research on what myorereflex therapy was and written a little back and forth with Bilal, I got an appointment with him – I have not regretted it in any way. Already after the first treatment I could feel a difference. I could suddenly move my head more freely, e.g. I could look over my shoulder WITHOUT turning my entire upper body. After three treatments, I was able to do without any significant pain the neck exercises that the chiropractor and physiotherapist had given me. Although I have had a break from treatments for 1.5 months due to vacation, my symptoms are still better than when I started my treatments at Bilal. I have now received 5 treatments in total and now I can also lift my right arm up over my head almost without pain – it is fantastic.

My jaw and neck muscles have become ‘looser’ after the treatments. This means that the tension on my face is diminishing and my headaches have also become milder and fewer. I have had several stress symptoms for a long period of time which have given my a lot of abdominal tensions. I knew that, but it wasn’t until Bilal started to loosen those muscles that I realized how tense I was. Wow, it has helped a lot. I can now breathe more freely and feel less tense generally.

I am still physically challenged and bothered by the consequences of the slipped discs, so there is still some way to go before I can say I am healthy, BUT it is steadily moving forward and I am confident about my future activity level as well. It requires patience and the effect of the treatments has varied. Sometimes I have been able to notice a big progress, other times a small progress, but I have never gotten worse. Sometimes it can be difficult for us ‘non-professionals’ to find out where the pain / discomfort comes from and it can be a bit of a jungle to find a treatment that works. My advice to those experiencing pain / disabilities / discomfort is to try a treatment at Bilal – hopefully he can help you as he has helped me. The atmosphere at Bilal is incredibly comfortable and relaxing. Bilal is extremely professional and accommodating and does a lot to make you feel comfortable. It means a lot to me as I believe that the body is better at receiving treatment if your psyche relaxes and allows the body to accept the treatments. I am deeply grateful that I have finally found a treatment that can help me. “Thank you” will never be enough.

Heidi – Knee and back pains

Great and efficient treatments. Went to Bilal due to pain in my knees and back – after 3 treatments it has already made a big impact. Bilal is a pleasant man – highly recommended.

Venusega – back, neck and shoulder pains

My warm recommendations to Bilals treatments. I have had many treatments for my back and neck pains, he has been really good at finding the cause of my pains and helping me with them.

Today i had alot of pain on my shoulderblade, and couldnt lift my arm. I got an emergency time at Bilals and now i can move my arm again.

Thank you for saving my day!

Gitte – Smerter i skuldre

I am in the same category as many other people, very happy and satisfied with the treatments i have gotten until now. I have booked 5 sessions and already after my first session my shoulder felt 80% better,  something many other therapist were unable to spot. So yes yes really fantastic. On top of that Bilal is very emphatic and truly listens( if anyone can say that about a man), just a very unusally sweet person. I already look forward to my next treatment.

Rikke – neck pains and slipped discs

I am giving Bilal my best recommendations. Jeg have 2 slipped discs in my neck. It has caused alot of problems all over my body. There has been great improvements after 3 sessions. I have generally more energy. My neck and shoulder tensions have released. I dont have much tingling sensations in my fingers like before. And all this after only 3 sessions. I am already looking forward to my next treatment.

Helle – neck and shoulder pain

I came to Bilal in hopes that he could help me with my neck and shoulder tensions which i have gone with for far too long. Already after the first session i felt improvements. I am impressed and excited about his way of treating injuries.

I highly recommend Bilal.


This is a place where great treatments are given. Bilal is clever, professional, committed and much more. Old injuries and challenges are worked on, and improvements are felt. Thank you.

Karina – allergies

I came to Bilal because i suffered from birch allergy and have cross allergy to some foods. Its out of pollen season now, but even after a few treatments i could feel a difference in the cross allergies. I can now eat foods that previously caused me to itch alot. Its fantastic! Thank you.

Sanne – Functional impairment of the shoulder and neck issues

I highly recommend Bilal and his treatments. I have had problems with my neck for a long time. 2 slipped discs and its consequences. It has meant daily pain and reduced function of my right arm and hand, as well as a feeling that my life is being put on hold. Already after the 1 treatment I could feel a huge difference – I was no longer so held back and the pain had subsided significantly.

After 2 treatments I have started to use my arm significantly more than before and without significant pain. The atmosphere at Bilal is incredibly comfortable and I feel comfortable with his treatment. I have tried many different treatments and thus also many different therapists. You feel happy being around Bilal – at least I do. Bilal has my warmest recommendations and I look forward to my next treatment. Now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and have hopes of getting my life back.

Thank you will not be enough.

Carina – common daily ailments

Now I have been given 3 treatments by Bilal – I have no idea about what he does (except that he presses on some tender areas on my body). But I know that what he does – it works – it really works. I have over the years gotten many different treatments from different therapists for my pain, but I have never in my life’s imagination, imagined that simply by pressing different places on my body and putting needles in the ears could help free me from my ailments. I now have no pain – this is amazing. Of course it hurts a little while the treatment is going on – but not so much I cant stand. And it is definitely worth it.

I am a fan I can clearly recommend Bilal, he is really talented and very comfortable to work with.

Kim – breathing issues

I could barely breathe, and my whole body felt tensed.  But after an hours treatment, i could move better, i felt more relaxed in my whole body, i could breathe better. A very clever man.


Anne – Foot pain

For almost 1.5 – 2 years ago I have had incredible pain in my foot. I have been to my doctor, but his response was that it was just muscular overload. My pain was worst in the morning and especially the day after sports. In fact, I looked like an old lady every morning when I got out of bed. I had an incredible amount of pain in my foot and hopped around until my foot felt” warmed up”. When I met Bilal, I didn’t really know what he could do, but thought it couldn’t be any worse than it was. So, I was a little skeptical when I met him, but I soon found out that he was a Miracle Man.‘After my first session, my pain was completely gone – yes you read it right. I have now had 2 sessions and the pain is still gone. Have even been out and running today – and I am so happy. I Can only give Bilal my best recommendation.



Symphathetic and emphathetic therapist that can treat all sore and overworked muscles in your body, and without you telling him where your pain is, he can find.
Bilal and Kirsten Buus are a  phenomenal pair, that can make your everyday life quality better.



I highly recommend Bilals treatments. After 4 treatments i could feel a big difference in my old injuries in many different places in my body. I have tried many other therapy forms, without the same effect as this. So a 👍from me.




Cindy – pain and functional impairment of the arm.

I received a couple of major injuries 5-6 years ago, which I have been treating and rehabilitating with many places over several years. I was told that I shouldn’t expect it to get any better, but after being with Bilal, there are now significant improvements and I have restored my mobility in my arm and stopped taking painkillers. FANTASTIC!


Very comfortable atmosphere to come to😊. Bilal is a very skilled and extremely competent therapist, and meets every person with grace and dignity 🙏. Very effective treatments with great depth physically and mentally. I give Bilal my best recommendations.🙏



Charlotte – migraines and fibromyalgia

Bilal is so good he has helped me a lot after fractures in my sacrum. Also with my migraines and fibromyalgia.



Lillian – backpain and tennis elbow

Bilal is an incredibly good therapist. He helped me with my low back pain and a tennis elbow. After just one treatment, there has been relief from the pain.


Merian – backpain

My best recommendations to Bilal! Thought I had tried EVERYTHING in hopes of relieving my tensions and back pain, and i have to admit, it was with a certain amount of skepticism that I booked a treatment.

But here’s something I can really feel helps. After a few treatments I have noticed that I have gained a better attitude, and the worst tensions have subsided. It is my opinion that Bilal listens and senses the body’s signals and is very sharp at finding all my sore areas and relieving them . I am a fan!



Dear Bilal,

I, who is otherwise skeptical of alternative treatments. After three treatments with you, I noticed a clear improvement, both physically, where tensions were dissolved, but also my psyche had improved. I became more calm – more optimistic – and i had more energy. Great.

Best wishes, Wanda




I have only been to Bilal twice so it is clear that what I came with is not completely gone, I have been with them for a long time. But I can already notice changes, and also in some areas that surprise me. I sleep much better, my stomach feels better and I started singing again .. Amazing!   Haven’t been able to for many years. (I’m not saying that i sound good, but it’s not Bilal’s fault  ) The treatments at Bilal were really good experiences and can only be recommended. He makes one relax and feel comfortable ..


Karen Margrethe – sleep problems

He has helped me sleep again, I have not slept properly for 30 years and often did not sleep a whole night. When I was lucky I would get 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. Feels so nice😊😊😊😊


Heli – Stomach issues

I am so happy with my treatments. I had 13 years ago removed my gallbladder. Haven’t had my stomach working properly since. There are many things I can not eat and drink. Coffee and red wine are probably the worst but eggs and dairy products are also some things that can form stones. Since I have started my treatments, I have had stools every day and lately even 2 times a day and it has been dark and firm. Not as white and thin as it was when a seizure was on its way. And as an added benefit, i lost weight. I accept all help. I highly recommend Myoreflex therapy and Acupuncture as a combitation.

Jens – hip pain and back pain

BS is a very special experience – I’ve been dealing with my hip pain and backpain for many years – don’t know what he’s doing – but can only give BS my warmest recommendation. BS makes a difference



Katrine – Stress

I started with Myoreflex and Acupuncture treatments at Bilal for approx. 1.5 months ago and I highly recommend it! I have previously been sick with stress, and I am therefore still easily affected, but I can feel how my boundaries are gradually being moved. It is great to feel so relaxed in both body and mind. Bilal seems very competent, and is very sympathetic – his enthusiasm and joy for what he does is also contagious 🙂 My best recommendations

Birthe – Asthma

I have had asthma for many years. Over the past 1½ years it has become a bigger and bigger nuisance for me. I got recommended treatments at Bilal and that is the best advice I have long been given. The treatments at Bilal has meant that I could breathe normally and that I am no longer as tired as when the asthma used to cause me complications. At the same time, my allergy is reduced to almost nothing. I can only recommend treatments at Bilal.

Søren – Chronic headaches

I have a 15 year old son who suffers from chronic headaches. Have been at Bilal for just a few months and it seems to have a very positive effect on him.

Jesper – Backpain

I have been to Bilals for the first time. I have had some problems in my back, which made me feel stiff and it hurts. After just one treatment, i could feel a difference .. Bilal is a very accommodating and professional person. I definitely recommend him again as I will use him again myself.

Lene – Shoulderpain

I have had shoulder pains for many years. I have received treatments from physiotherapists without results. Bilal can take the pain away with Myoreflex.

I now get preventative treatments as needed and have no pain.

Annette – Backpain

I have been operated on several times in my lower back and still experienced pain non-stop. Bilal has so far eased my pain and I can feel progress after every treatment.

Margit – Stress og Depression

I have been suffering from stress and depression for a long time and my body is soo tired that I no longer have much energy. Today I have received my first treatment from Bilal and can already feel a difference. I’m already looking forward to my next treatment.

It can only be good again

Erik – Whiplash

I have been to Bilal for approx. 10 times now and I intend to continue for as long as possible, mostly because it is the form of therapy I feel has worked best, despite the numerous treatments by physiotherapists and chiropractors over the last 10 years.

I have always lived an active life with motor cross, snowboarding and skating. When I got an artificial joint in my back, and about the same time was in car accident where I got a whiplash, I thought it was over with motor cross.

At the same time, I felt old and worn out due to age etc., I was quite depressed.

That changed to a large extent, only after Bilal’s first treatment. Without exaggerating, I walked away with an amazing feeling in my body and soul, I actually felt like I was 10 years younger. I have started motor cross again and I feel strong and agile, the negatives that held me back are completely gone. Of course, this is a process with several treatments I must go through, but there is no doubt in my mind that it will get better after each treatment. I am very grateful to have become acquainted with Myoreflex Therapy and to be getting treatments from Bilal, he is a nice man, easy to relax with and you feel comfortable in his company. I warmly recommend Myoreflex Therapy to everyone, not just those who have pain in the body, but everyone. It’s really good.


Bilal is an incredibly skilled therapist. He has a lot of professional knowledge and explains what he does while he does it 🙂 The treatments are very effective. And he is just so sweet 🙂


A fantastic therapist second-to-none who has a big heart and an empathetic nature.

I highly recommend Bilal for his passion in wanting to help people and in going the extra mile.

I am finally living for the first time in my life with no more physical or emotional pain. I never want to stop Myoreflex treatments because I want to stay this way always.

Thomas – Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain

Had heard for a long time that Bilal could do something special. But when I fell down an icy staircase in the winter and afterwards was sore almost all over, I decided to book my first treatment. Bilal managed to find all the flaws and got them treated. Although it hurt, it was never uncomfortable – actually nice when I remembered to breathe deeply through my nose.

I needed more than one treatment, but could already feel a big difference after the first one. I could walk without pain, get in and out of the car, etc .Got a total of 5 treatments, but then we also got control of my “office” back, neck and shoulder pain and, strangely enough, some stress in the body that obviously can be relieved by working on my stomach..BIG recommendation from here!


As a Holistic Healer myself and new to Denmark it was great for me to find Bilal. I have found him to to be both highly intuitive and sensitive in his treatment,and that his knowledge of what he does creates profound effects on both the physical body and the emotional body and the correlation between them in releasing both physical and emotional pain which work in relation to each other. And so far after two treatments look forward to continue working with him as I have experienced some amazing emotional breakthroughs and a large improvement in my physical body


I  highly recommend Bilal. He is a very competent therapist and an allround good person, I am very lucky to have him in my life, both as a therapist and friend.


I have had many flaws throughout my life and have had an incredible amount of muscle tensions in my body, which over time has made it very difficult for me to relax as well as perform well on the football field. I have tried many different therapists to loosen up my muscles and joints, but without much luck. Then I went to Bilal, and after the first treatment I could feel change. After some treatments he has loosened up a lot of my muscle tensions and I feel more relaxed and can perform better on the field.
I definately recommend treatments at Bilal!

Camilla – Hip pain and cough

I am really happy about Bilal’s treatments.  He helped me with both my coughs and pain. I have been dealing with my hip pain since my son’s birth 1/5 years ago and it has just been great.

Christopher – treatments against smoking and treatments for backpain

I have been a smoker for 10 years. And had tried in vain several methods and treatments to stop smoking. When I got my first treatment at Bilal against smoking, after the 1st Treatment, it was already a big help to become smoke-free. It has now been 2.5 years since I last smoked. Since then he has gradually treated my back several times, each time with an equally good result. My best recommendations.

Preben – NeckPain

I am lucky. Lucky to have tried Bilal’s Myoreflex therapy. It is absolutely amazing what his knowledgeable hands and calm fingers can find, and release tension in the body. I live in Copenhagen, but i am considering taking a trip to Jylland occasionally to get rid of my neck pains . I highly recommend this:)

Anders – Neckpain

Have been at Bilals for over a year due to neck pain, which I feel caused me shoulder pain and backpain. Most of my pain is gone, but I still come for treatments occasionally and get loosened up. You are in good hands and he is a nice person to be around, Best wishes from here.


Bilal is super skilled. He has the art of treatment in his fingers, unlike many others. He is comfortable and deeply focused during his treatments, and he can be highly recommended, against the biggest as well as smallest nuisances.

Tinne – Migraines

Bilal is an incredibly skilled and empathetic therapist. I had migraines which he removed after one treatment. Can only recommend his treatments.


Bilal is a very skilled alternative therapist. I had very severe pain – could not move without help. I received 2 myoreflex treatments from Bilal and already after the first treatment my pain is almost gone. I can warmly recommend him to everyone!


Bilal is a natural talent. At the same time, he is extremely professional, calm, comfortable and competent. I have greatly enjoyed the treatments.


Comfortable and professional treatments.


Very professional therapist,and with great knowledge. Incredibly welcoming and a calming person, so you feel relaxed and in good hands.

Heidi – Neck and shoulder issues

For many years I struggled with muscle tensions in my neck and shoulders. In March 2017, I had 3 slipped discs and was pronounced osteoarthritis in my neck. I continued to work and was able to keep the pain down with regular exercises for my neck and shoulders. But after the summer break this year it went downhill and 4 weeks ago I woke up one morning and could not turn my head left and my shoulders were staggered and I was in severe pain. A new MRI scan showed that I still had 3 slipped discs and osteoarthritis …. I was very frustrated and had no idea what to do. I happened to find Bilal on FB and thought I had to try it. After the 1st treatment, I had a really bad day the next day but I could turn my head again. received 4 treatments so far and each time I have been able to notice a change, each treatment really makes a difference. Bilal is the most sympathetic and rare therapists I have ever met.

He is extremely skillful and deserves the best recommendations.