What is Myoreflextherapy?

Myoreflex therapy originated in Germany, since the early 1990s. It has been developed by Dr. Kurt Mosetter. Dr. Kurt Mosetter’s background as a physician and holistic healing practitioner provides a broad understanding of both the sciences from the East and the West. Myoreflex therapy is based on the idea that the body remembers everything. Whether it is a physical trauma or a mental trauma, the body will try to protect itself from damage. This is what the body does, by tensing the muscles, both during and after an injury has occurred. Imagine a heavy object flying towards you, instinctively, in a split second, you will try to protect yourself by bending into the “fetal” position. This can create deep tensions all over, in the process of trying to protect you. This is our body at work, trying to protect itself from damage. This can occur in everyday activities, monotonous movement patterns or physical trauma. Likewise, a mental trauma / bad experience can be stored in the muscles of the body. We often find that our senses can activate an old memory, such as a smell that reminds one of a particular place or situations. Likewise, the treatment can remind you of an experience that you had forgotten / displaced. These experiences have often had a significant impact on your “survival” (mental or physical). The experience has therefore stored itself in the muscles of the body, and an activation/release of the muscle can sometimes bring the experience to consciousness, which is why Myoreflex therapy is extremely effective against anxiety, stress and trauma states. I will now refer to this psychological or physical trauma as the “injury”.


The body’s muscles are surrounded by fascia. The fascial network is a web of connective tissue that surrounds the body’s muscles and organs. It gives the body integrity, providing the tensional network in which our muscles work. This is what we call the Muscle meridians. If an injury occurs somewhere on the muscle meridians, the body will try to protect itself from the injury by changing its biomechanical patterns to protect the injured muscle, leading to compensations in other muscles. The muscle compensations can often cause more pain than the local injury. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between local pain and what the compensational patterns are. Therefore, you will often find that I do not always treat you where your local pain is, but on the meridian pathways associated with your injury. Myoreflex therapy is a modern form of acupressure where pressure-point stimulation is used to relax the muscles. This sends a message to the brain, through the nervous system, that the muscle is being damaged(reverse-effect). The brain then sends a message to the muscle to relax to avoid further damage. So, one uses the body’s own response pattern to injury, to restore balance in the body, without manipulating bones or joints.