My background and experience

-Educated Posturologist, by Anne Marie Vester, World Medicine 2015 and Educated auriculotherapist, by Anne Marie Vester 2015.

– Educated in traditional Chinese Medicine by Anne Marie Vester, World Medicine 2017.

-Educated in Anatomy and Physiology by Dr Kjeld Bruun-Jensen 2017.

– Educated Myoreflex Therapist, by Dr Kurt Mosetter, 2018.

– Intern Therapist with supervision by Anne Marie Vester, World Medicine 2015-2018.

-Myoreflex therapist intern with supervision at Chiropractic clinic, Nykøbing Mors 2017-2018.

-Teacher in “10 step to wellbeing” in South Africa July 2018. -Started own clinic January 2019.

-Advanced Trainings (AMT)course in neck, jaw and head pain and headache and migraines by Till Luchau in Poland  May 2019.

-Hosted Retreat in Gambia November 2019

-Launch of a course in Nutrition and supplements at Pharma Nord Academy January 2020.