Phone (only when in Gambia) : 00 220   2001050


Facebook: Myoreflexterapeut og akupunktør Bilal Shalhoub

Instagram: Bilal_Shalhoub


You can always contact me on Instagram, Facebook or Email, i normally do treatments doing to day, and will response as soon as i can.

Treatments in Gambia

My treatments are also available to Gambians and tourists in Gambia. Contact me if you want to know when i will be in Gambia.

I currently live and work (my clinic) in Denmark. I was born and raised in Gambia where I normally travel to once or twice a year to see my family, friends and host retreats for my danish clients. I speak wollof, aku, arabic(basic), danish and english.

Due to my limited frequency of travelling to Gambia,  the sessions have to be booked ahead.

Due to my experience of what works best, i have scheduled a package of 4 treatments.

Terms and conditions:

  • Every session has to be booked ahead. Every session is 45 min.
  • When you book a package you book (atleast) 4 sessions for the best effect. (160 EUROS)
  • After booking, you will receive more information about the treatments, what to expect, the plan, location etc.
  • When the package of treatments are booked, you will have to pay a deposit of 40 EURO upfront. The rest of the treatments have to be paid at the first session (120 EURO). This is to prevent clients not showing up.
  • Cancellations are accepted a week ahead – and i will refund you, the money.  If you dont show up for the booked session, i will not refund the money. If you are delayed the time will still be counted.